Saturday, April 16, 2016

2016 Campaign: Candidates' Tax Plans and You

Alright Everybody Gather round
The Candy Man is here
What kind of candy do you want?
Sweet chocolate? Chocolate walnut candy?
Gum drops? Anything you want
You've come to the right man
because I'm the Candy man!

— The Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr. 

Democrat vs Republican

  • Democratic candidates
    • Would increase revenue and make the system more progressive
  • Republican candidates
    •  Would cut revenue and make the system more regressive. 

Candidates' Tax Plans

The 2016 campaign has plenty of trash talk flying around. But one of these people is likely to be president, so you’d better know their plans, especially tax plans. There are huge differences. These differences are especially stark for very high-income households.
  • Hillary Clinton 
    • Is pretty steady. No earthquake
      • Proposes much smaller tax increases, all focused on the rich
    • Read more here on CNN Money's analysis
  • Bernie Sanders 
    • Would go for the biggest peacetime tax hike in US history – but says you’ll love it.
    • Read more here on CNN Money's analysis
    • Also, read more here on Tax Foundation
  • Trump and Cruz 
    • Would cut taxes big time for the rich
    • Increase the deficit by trillions
    • Read more here on CNN Money's analysis of tax plans by Donald Trump
    • Read more here on CNN Money's analysis of tax plans by Ted Cruz

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