Sunday, April 17, 2016

Long-Term Investments: Morgan Stanley's 30 for 2019

Morgan Stanley has published a list of companies for your long-term investment considerations.  The criteria are based on:
"Our best long-term picks based on sustainability and quality of business model"
As described in this article, Morgan Stanley maybe is talking the book. if you invest in any stocks discussed here, you take your own risks.

Evaluation Factors

The evaluation is based on the following factors:
  • Management's Strategic Thinking
  • Competitive Advantage Trend
  • Maket Share Growth
  • Multiple Market Sahre Drivers
  • Pricing Power
  • Benefits from Scale
  • RCE Drivers
  • Cost Cuts/Culture
  • Incremental Returns Above Current ROCE
  • Capital Allocation 
  • Resilience to Current Headwinds
  • Governance
  • Environment & Social Risk/Opportunities

Top 30 Companies

Here are the top-30 list in alphbetical order:

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