Saturday, December 7, 2013

Referrer Spam: Good Referral vs. Bad Referral

Recently, I have created two new blogs:
At the very first day, I have seen quite a bit of traffic visiting my blogs and got me very excited. But, later I have found my excitement was unjustified because those visit traffics are not real.

In this article, I will show you which referring sites are good and which are bad (i.e., generated by automated spammers).

Blogger Stats vs. Google Analytics

For most Google blogs, they usually install a gadget named "Total Pageviews." This Blogger Stats tracks all page visits. Those counts could be the visits from yourself, other users, search bots or automated spammers (automated spammers also use bots to operate). Bots are the automated computer programs that visit your blog by tracking your content updates. Blogger Stats counts everything which includes bots' visits. So, its counts could be off the mark.

As a blog owner, you can also find the visit statistics from Google Analytics which uses the cookie-based tracking. Some data are stored in the cookie when people visits your blog. It tracks real traffic because it can distinguish a bot from a real user.

Good Referrals

As shown in [2], the following referring sites are good guys. For example, Twitter could be a good business tools for you, which can drive lots of traffic to your sites.

Bad Referrals

However, the following referring sites are bad guys and there are quite a few of them. To deal with them, the best strategy is doing nothing (i.e., don't click links that bring you to their sites).


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