Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What We Can Learn from Our Dogs?

- When our loved ones come home, always run to and greet them warmly
- Never miss any opportunity to go out and have fun
- Enjoy the fresh air and outdoor
- Take a brief nap if tired
- Stretch before move
- Run and play all day long-Be happy
- Always seek other's attention and be pampered
- Growl to intimidate, but never bite
- On sunny days, relax and lie upside down on the grass, enjoying its gentle massage
- On a hot day, drink plenty of water and lie in the shade
- When happy, dance and shake boogie
- On a long walk, always find something interesting on the way
- Be loyal
- Never be a hypocrite
- If find something buried, keep on digging until it is exposed
- If something sad happens to the pal, remain quiet and sit along to provide companionship

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