Sunday, May 8, 2016

Blogger: 2 Ways to Recover Deleted Blog Post

While migrating posts from one blog to another, I have inadvertently lost some posts in the following steps:
  1. Opened post on the old blog in editing mode
  2. Copied and pasted it to a new post on the new blog
Somehow, my new posts were lost in the middle of process. Also, I have deleted all posts on the old blog immediately after they were copied.

The end result is that I cannot find migrated posts on both the old and new blogs. Here are the approaches I have taken to recover them.

Google Cache

Google search engine crawls article posted frequently, indexes them and saves a cache version of the page.  It also keeps on updating it in a timely manner.

As described in [1], I have started looking for my lost posts in the "Google cache" first.  This approach works for posts that have been published.  

To find deleted blog posts, type the following URL in Google search:
  • Blogger 
  • Sites
      • For Sites, Google has deprecated it and here we just show you how it works for sites other than blogs
Since all my posts are drafts and unpublished.  I didn't find them from the "Google cache."

    Browser History

    Then I have tried to recover lost posts from the browser history.  Unless or until you clear the browser history, it is possible to recover your deleted draft post from it.  Here are the steps:
    1. Look up your browser history 
      • In the picture above, we have shown the list from Chrome
    2. Open all the address to find your draft post(s)
      • The list can be long.  So, view them in chronological order and also jot down the time stamp of each link after you visit them
    In my case, I can further narrow down my search to links related to "editor" such as:;postID=5245457364490338775


    1. Easy Methods To Recover Deleted Blogger Blog Post

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